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Migration and Deployment

Migrate to open source is not an easy step. And a successful migration cannot be only based on the adoption of a new economic model or new software but on a change management methodology.

Scilab Enterprises will help you in your choice of full or partial migration during all its stages:

  • Review of the existing environment and feasibility analysis
  • Migration plan development (change conduct)
  • Technical solution and realization
    • Migration help, existing files/scripts conversion
    • Tests
    • Code writing
  • Training
  • Technical support / Maintenance


Helping you in the deployment of Scilab, is to guarantee that our solutions are tailored to your environment and optimized to meet your specific needs. We guarantee the longevity of your own applications and developments. We evaluate your needs, work together to offer you a personalized support and consultancy plan, including a on-site support.



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