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Competence transfer and your autonomy are our training objectives.

We have chosen to base our teaching approach on individual and specific needs to bring you the most appropriate solution in a customized training program.

Fundamental and Advanced courses in Scilab and Xcos and advanced training in specialized applications and domains (signal processing, control design…) are delivered by our expert engineers.

Education Pricing

Students and teachers of secondary and higher education establishments can take advantage of special pricing. Consult Introduction to Scilab and Introduction to Xcos trainings.




Inter-company sessions*

Introduction to Scilab 26-28 January 2015
23-25 March 2015
30 March-01 April 2015 (session in English)
08-10 June 2015
16-18 November 2015 
Introduction to Xcos 29 January 2015
26 March 2015
02 April 2015 (session in English)
11 June 2015
19 November 2015 
Develop a Scilab external module 04 February 2015
08 April 2015
17 June 2015
23 September 2015
25 November 2015 
Develop a Xcos external module 05 February 2015
09 April 2015
18 June 2015
24 September 2015
26 November 2015 
Implement an ATOMS server

Sessions on request

LabVIEW - Scilab

Joint training
National Instruments/Scilab Enterprises

Sessions on request

Sessions in English on request



Customize your training

On request

Sessions in English on request



To register, for training on site or for other training, contact us:
End of registration: 1 month before the beginning of the session.


Scilab Enterprises is registered under number 11 91 07115 91. This registration does not constitute a State authorization.

* All intercompany sessions take place in our premises in Versailles (78 - France) except for LabVIEW - Scilab training which can take place in Versailles or in Nanterre at National Instruments premises.