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Introduction to Scilab

How to master Scilab environment, become familiar with its numerical computation and visualization capabilities. Learn how to progam in Scilab language and to read and write data files. 


3 days


This training is intended for engineers, technicians, researchers or teachers wishing to discover Scilab software, its environment and its capabilities.


Basic mathematical concepts (matrix representation, operations, etc.)


How to use Scilab to perform scientific computations, analysis and data graphics visualization. 

Inter-company sessions

  • 26-28 January 2015
  • 23-25 March 2015
  • 30 March-01 April 2015 (session in English)
  • 08-10 June 2015
  • 16-18 November 2015

Other sessions in English on request 

Education Pricing

Students and teachers of secondary and higher education establishments can take advantage of special pricing.


For more details and to register, contact us at:
End of registration: 1 month before the beginning of the session.